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18 countries, 16 capitals, 3 languages, 1 bicycle & 1 crazy man (english version)

(short version)

Name: Cristi Harbuz

Dream: to take a long ride in Latin America

Target: make the dream a reality 🙂

(extended version)

Short version + one bicycle

I start in Ciudad de Mexico and I stop in Valparaiso, Chile “where the land ends”.

How I go? From Ciudad de Mexico (point A) I buy a bicycle and I go with this nice 2 wheel item a couple of km 🙂 to Valparaiso (point B) via 18 countries, 16 capitals and many other cities, towns and villages where I will meet, I’m sure of it, beautiful people and I’ll see speechless some landscapes which I can wait to devour them like in an IMAX cinema. The complete itinerary OUT ON SALE it’s below the next lines where I try to explain what the hell I want to do. Sure I won’t be able to that, but be nice, it’s just the 1st large bicycle ride I make 🙂

How long it will be? I really don’t know. I’ll see. The thing is that I’m not in a hurry. I’m going to take a walk on a bicycle, that’s the only thing I’m sure of. The things you enjoy doing them you can do them in 2 ways: quickie or take your time. Both of them are nice for the… soul too, depends on the mood.

When I start? This winter 2011-2012, when there the summer starts 🙂

Advantages: endless list.

Disadvantage (that doesn’t matter): endless pain at the ass and its bones 😀

How many km there are? That I’ll see at the end, anyway easily over 15000 (and then the ass says: “Cristi, I really hate you!”)

The rules that I’ll follow in this ride are (taken from the National Geographic guide):

realize that you have an influence in a way or another  to the places you visit.

– spent your time and money in ways that support the local identity (anyway, it’s funnier this way)

– appreciate the natural and cultural heritage of the destinations.

– respect the local manners and traditions.

show to the local people that you appreciate the new and unique things that you discover in the places that you visit: nature and landscapes, music and food, historical sites and buildings.

– support with Money the people who care the destinations and also the small businesses which are making an effort to value them and to protect their beauty. Look for small boutiques, local restaurants, hostels that love those places, which are enjoying taking care of them and they are open to show them to anyone. Avoid those commercial activities which reduce the value of the local identity  

– enrich your experience, take home with you memories and stories.

At the end it’s all about the people you meet on the road.

What I am going to do with the bicycle when I’ll stop in Valparaiso? I’ll give it for charity there to some kid, or I’ll sell it on the internet with the equivalent in RON (Romanian money, 1 EURO= 4 RON) of the km that I traveled (if exists someone stupid enough to buy such a thing), and the money I get I’ll give for charity. ‘Crazy man with money to spent on a second hand bicycle: we are talking about approx. 3700 EUR!!!’ Anyway, my ass will be very proud of me and will thank you (not in that way :D, I like girls, especially the blonde ones.) Also I’ll thank you in the name of the children with cancer from an hospital from Bucharest (Romania) where I will donate this amount of money. As I told you. „You are not quite a top business man if you buy a second hand bike, which probably will have serious damages and oval wheels” 🙂

Price list and services included:

50 RON (10 EUR)/ small town or village

(1 local cooking recipe,

photos from the small town/village that you bought).

Ex: Aracataca, native village of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

100 RON (25 EUR)/ big city

(1 local cooking récipe,

1 post card to the buyer’s home address,

photos from the city you bought).

Ex: Rio de Janeiro.

– 200 RON (50 EUR)/ capital

(1 local cooking récipe,

1 post card sent to the buyer’s home address,

photos from the capital you bought,

1 personalized letter in which I tell you my feelings and other cool stuff my brain will refuse to forget from/about the capital you bought, old style, hand written, relax I’m not a doctor, in an envelope with a stamp with the destination: your home address).

Ex: Lima.

– 400 RON (100 EUR)/country

 (2 specific cooking récipes,

1 post card sent to the buyer’s home address,

photos from the capital you bought,

1 personalized letter in which I tell you my feelings and other cool stuff my brain will refuse to forget from/about the country you bought, old style, hand written, relax I’m not a doctor :), in an envelope with a stamp with the destination: your home address).

Ex: Costa Rica.


  1. Mexico  400 RON


Teotihuacan  (archaeological site) 50 RON

Tepoztlan  (archaeological site) 50 RON

Puebla 100 RON

Orizaba 50 RON

Cordoba 50 RON

Veracruz 100 RON

Coatzacoalcos 50 RON

Paraiso 50 RON (SOLD)

Villahermosa 50 RON

Palenque (archaeological site) 50 RON

Frontera 50 RON

Ciudad del Carmen 50 RON

Campeche 50 RON

Uxmal (archaeological site) 50 ON

Merida 100 RON

Chichen-Itza (archaeological site) 50 RON

Cancun 100 RON

Tulum 50 RON

Chetumal 50 RON

  1. Belize 400 RON

Corozal 50 RON

Orange Walk 50 RON

Belize City 100 RON


San Ignacio 50 RON

  1. Guatemala 400 RON

Tikal (archaeological site) 50 RON

Flores 50 RON RON

Santa Ana 50 RON RON

Dolores 50 RON

Poptun 50 RON

San Luis  50 RON

Morales 50 RON

Quirigua (archaeological site) 50 RON

Los Amantes 50 RON (SOLD)

Gualan 50 RON

San Agustin 50 RON

Guastatoya 50 RON

Chinautla 50 RON


Villa Nueva 50 RON

Escuintla 50 RON

Chiquimulilla 50 RON

  1. El Salvador 400 RON

Santa Ana 50 RON

Ciudad Arce 50 RON

Mejicanos 50 RON


Usulutan 50 RON

San Rafael 50 RON

San Miquel 50 RON

Santa Rosa de Lima 50 RON

  1. Honduras 400 RON

Nacaome 50 RON

Sabanagrande 50 RON

Santa Ana 50 RON

El Tizatillo 50 RON


Ciudad Choluteca 50 RON

  1. Nicaragua 400 RON

Somotillo 50 RON

Chinadenga 50 RON

Leon 50 RON

Ciudad Sandino 50 RON


Masaya 50 RON

Granada 50 RON

Nandine 50 RON

Belen 50 RON

Rivas 50 RON

  1. Costa Rica 400 RON

La Cruz 50 RON (SOLD)

Liberia 50 RON


Copey 50 RON

San Isidro 50 RON

Mercedes 50 RON

Buenos Aires 50 RON

Ciudad Cortes 50 RON

San Vito 50 RON

Corredor 50 RON

  1. Panama 400 RON

Aserrio de Gariche 50 RON

David 100 RON

San Felix 50 RON

Viejo 50 RON

La Mesa 50 RON

Santiago 50 RON

Penonome 50 RON

La Chorrera 50 RON

Arraijon 50 RON

PANAMA (Pacific) 200 RON

Colon (Atlantic) 100 RON

Tocumen 50 RON

Ipeti 50 RON

Santa Fe 50 RON

Yaviza 50 RON

  1. Colombia 400 RON

Acandi 50 RON

Turbo 50 RON

Monteria 50 RON

Sincelejo 50 RON

Cartagena 100 RON (SOLD)

Barranquilla 100 RON (native city Shakira)

Cienaga 50 RON

Aracataca  50 RON (native village Gabriel Garcia Marquez) (SOLD)

Santa Marta 50 RON

Riohacha 50 RON

Maicao 100 RON

  1. Venezuela 400 RON (SOLD)

Maracaibo 100 (SOLD)



Valledupar 50 RON

Agustin Codazzi 50 RON

Curumani 50 RON

Aguachica 50 RON

Bucaramanga 50 RON

Barbossa 50 RON

Zipaquira 50 RON


Girardot 50 RON

Ibague 50 RON

Armenia 50 RON

Tulua 50 RON

Buga 50 RON

Palmira 50 RON

Cali 100 RON

Popayan 50 RON

Pasto 50 RON

  1. Ecuador 400 RON

Ibarra 50 RON

QUITO 200 RON (at the North of the city is the Equator line)

Latacunga 50 RON

Ambato 50 RON

Riobamba 50 RON

Guayaquil 100 RON

Machala 50 RON

  1. Peru 400 RON

Tumbes 50 RON

Talara 50 RON

Sullana 50 RON

Piura 50 RON

Chiclayo 50 RON

Trujillo 50 RON

Chimbote 50 RON

Huacho 50 RON

Callao 100 RON

LIMA 200 RON (native city Isabel Allende) (SOLD)

Pisco 50 RON

Ica 50 RON (SOLD)

Nazca 50 RON (archaeological site) (SOLD)

Abancay 50 RON

Cusco (archaeological site) 100 RON

Macchu Picchu  ( archaeological site) 50 RON (SOLD)

Juliaca 50 RON

Arequipa 100 RON (native city Mario Vargas Llosa) (SOLD

Puno 50 RON (SOLD)

  1. Bolivia 400 RON


Patacamaya 50 RON

Oruro 100 RON

Sucre 100 RON

Camiri 50 RON

La Rosa 50 RON

  1. Paraguay 400 RON

Fortin Coronel Eugenia Garay 50 RON

Estancia El Pampero 50 RON

Estancia El Dorado 50 RON

Teniente Ochoa 50 RON

Mariscal Estigarriba 50 RON

Filadelfia 50 RON

Mision Yalve Sanga 50 RON

Estancia Santa Maria 50 RON

Pozo Colorado 100 RON


Capiata 50 RON

Caaguazu 50 RON

Ciudad del Este 50 RON

  1. Brasil 400 RON (SOLD)

Foz de Iguaçu 100 RON (SOLD)

Cascavel 50 RON

Guarapuara 50 RON

Curitiba 100 RON

Paranagua 50 RON

Peruibe 50 RON

Santos 50 RON

Sao Paolo 100 RON

Guarulhos 50 RON

Sao Jose dos Campos 50 RON

Resende 50 RON

Nova Iguaçu 100 RON

Rio de Janeiro 100 RON

Florianopolis 50 RON

Criciuma 50 RON

Porto Alegre 100 RON

Rio Grande 50 RON

Chuy 50 RON

  1. Uruguay 400 RON

Dieciocho de Julio 50 RON

Castillos 50 RON

Rocha 50 RON

Maldonado 100 RON

Pan de Azucar 50 RON (SOLD)


  1. Argentina 400 RON (SOLD)


Quilmes 50 RON

La Plata 100 RON (SOLD)

Rosario 100 RON (native city Che Guevara)

Santa Fe 50 RON

San Francisco 50 RON

Cordoba 100 RON

Rio Cuarto 50 RON

Villa Mercedes 50 RON

San Luis 100 RON

Mendoza 100 RON

  1. Chile 400 RON

Los Andes 50 RON


Valparaiso (priceless, but SOLD)

If you have any village/town/city to add to the itinerary above which won’t drift me very much from the road I have in mind, be my guest! I will analyze it and I will give you an answer.

For information, shopping and ideas for the name of my bicycle (unborn yet) you can contact me:

Mobile phone: +40 741 21 60 69



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